Study Abroad

Gyanam Education Consultancy is offering Abroad Study

Many country offers the medical course we help you to Taking right course in the right college/university according to your consideration your academic background, financial capabilities, subjects of interest and future plans. We have college's in Abroad (Philippines, Russia, Bangladesh, Nepal)

Application Processing

We help you to Assistance in preparing the application file and required documents such as transcripts, letter of recommendations, essays (Statement of Purpose) etc. is given on the basis of a successful strategy to maximise the chance of admissions.

Follow-up and Securing Admission

We do the necessary follow-up and secure admissions in the shortest possible time. we success rate in admissions is 100%.

Visa Guidance

We provides the guidance in preparing your visa application and necessary documentation enabling you to put in conclusive proof in terms of establishing your academic genuineness, financial stability and roots back to India. We have an unbeatable success rate of over 95% in securing student visas to even the toughest places in the world like USA due to our systematic guidance and professional approach.

Bank Loan and Travel Arrangements (Value Added Services)

We assists you with educational loans, foreign exchange formalities and even your travel by booking air tickets at the most competitive rates and shortest of distances. we also holds Pre-Departure orientations.

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